Below is a list of the books I have written. The links lead to individual product pages with more information about the books.

Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower

In my life, I’ve learned many things the hard way. I break them down so that you can learn them the easy way and get more out of life. At one point I was stealing food just to eat and spent more time hung over than sober.

From the streets, to the boxing gym, to the army, the physics lab and 4 years of sobriety, I’ve developed true grit and the fighting mindset. I teach it all in his book.

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The Four Confidences

This is a short book that answers the burning question of our time: “How do I build confidence?”

The Four Confidences is based on cold, hard experience. Not theory. The same way I got confidence in my boxing, mathematical, and social abilities is what I teach here. When I wasn’t confident in myself to stay sober, I relied on these techniques to help me stop drinking.

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Twitter Poems and Insights

One’s potential for expression is often only realized after restraints are put in place.

My restricting medium is Twitter.

Each poem unlocks a valuable piece of wisdom concerning life. The poem is followed up with a more in-depth explanation and a piece of actionable advice to solidify the concept covered.

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