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Ed Latimore, author, blogger, and retired pro boxer
Ed Latimore Author, retired boxer, self-improvement enthusiast

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Emotional Mastery

6 steps to letting go of a f*cked up past

Letting go of the past was key to my sobriety and getting my life together. Learn how I did it.

Mental Mastery

My honest Gorilla Mind Rush review

Mental Mastery

How to wake up earlier

Mental Mastery

How to get motivated — a top performer’s secrets

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Learn how to build a huge audience that will be loyal, engaged, and addicted to your Twitter account.

Engagement Is The New Cocaine


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This is a short guide that answers the burning question of our time: “How do I build confidence?” The Four Confidences is based on cold, hard experience. Not theory. The same way I got confidence in my athletic, academic, and social abilities is what I share here. When I wasn’t confident in myself to stay sober, I relied on these techniques to help me stop drinking.

The Four Confidences


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An ex-con and former alcoholic from the projects teach how to get to the top after starting from the very bottom.

Handle Your Business


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Learn how to make money being yourself and giving value without using try-hard sales tactics.

How To Build A Profitable Personal Brand


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