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Products that make my life easier

Gorilla Mind Smooth

Gorilla Mind Smooth is the stimulant-free successor of Gorilla Mind Rush for when I need that extra dose of concentration without the caffeine. While I’m sad to see Rush go, Smooth has provided a much smoother, less extreme energy while still providing intense focus without the jitters or crashes. It’s the best stim-free nootropic I’ve used.

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Sabaidee CBD oil

I got into CBD to help recover from concussions from boxing, but I discovered that it’s a fantastic for sleep. It also helps with clear thinking by making you calmer.

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Wim Hof Breathing Method

Gaining control of my breathing and response to cold started as a vanity project, but it has also greatly benefitted my concentration and immune system. This is an easy 10 week course that will expose you to what’s physically possible if you put your mind to it.

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Carbonshade Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses make it easier to fall asleep because they block the disruptive blue wavelength that we’re overly exposed to as a result of prolonged screen time.

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Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Beer

I’ve been sober since Dec 23rd, 2013. I like the taste of beer but I don’t enjoy how my behavior changes under the influence of alcohol. Gruvi is a delicious non-alcoholic beer with all of flavor and none of the foolishness. Use discount code ED10 for a 10% discount.

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LMNT Electrolyte Powder

LMNT Recharge is a tasty electrolyte blend that replaces vital electrolytes without the sugars and questionable ingredients found in conventional sports drinks. My girlfriend actually keeps drinking my supply after our runs.

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Shoot Like A Pro: How to Take Great Photos With your iPhone

These techniques and tactics are easy to apply, make a big difference, and learning them takes no time. It doesn’t matter whether you want to capture great vacation memories, take photos to decorate your home with, or just want to be a better photographer.

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