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Ed Latimore
Ed Latimore
Writer, retired boxer, self-improvement enthusiast

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    Nathan Barry
    Nathan Barry
    CEO of Convertkit

    Ed’s newsletter is the only one I’ve been subscribed to for over 7 years. It’s the only one of its kind that doesn’t feel formulaic, repetitive, or generic. Anyone who wants to improve their thinking and actions should sign up and never look back.

    Jon Persson
    Jon Persson
    Owner of

    Welcome to the Stoic Street Smarts newsletter, where I share the hard-fought wisdom I’ve gained from a life that’s taken me from the hood to the boxing ring, from the army to the halls of academia.

    Growing up in the tough streets taught me the importance of managing risk and reading people, while getting sober showed me the power of facing reality with unflinching honesty. My time as a professional boxer instilled in me the discipline and resilience needed to overcome any obstacle, and serving in the army taught me the value of strong relationships and teamwork. Earning my physics degree demonstrated the rewards of pursuing knowledge and understanding in the face of complex challenges.

    Through the prism of Stoic philosophy, I’ll share practical insights from these diverse experiences to help you cultivate the mental toughness, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking needed to thrive in an unpredictable world.

    I’ve been a subscriber to Ed Latimore’s newsletter for years and have been an avid reader throughout. In an online world with a lot of the same old boring stuff, his writing makes me think and has given me plenty of “ah-ha’s” for my business  I highly recommend it!

    Marc Mawhinney
    Marc Mawhinney
    Host of “Natural Born Coaches” podcast for coaching, sales, and leadership

    Each week I send out an newsletter teaching you how to:

    Manage risk

    I break down concepts from probability and statistics in a simple way and show you how to use them to make better decisions to get more out of life with less risk bigger upside

    Build relationships

    People are the most important thing. Learn how to build non-transactional relationships that will pay off WAY more than any quid-por-quo, tit-for-tat, cheesy networking style of interaction.

    Face reality

    You can’t fix problems if you’re not willing to face them, and life is one big series of problems. If you never learn to overcome, you’ll always be overcome.

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