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Sober Letters to My Drunken Self

Sober Letters to My Drunken Self

My best-selling book to help you deal with the emotions of recovery.

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All sober people are alike, but every alcoholic is disturbed in his own way. The alcoholic rarely understands why they are unable to enjoy an alcoholic beverage like everyone else. The only option for most is a trip to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. For some, it works. For others, it’s the start of a vicious cycle.

By calling it a disease or blaming an “addictive personality”, society takes the easy way out. I refused to take the easy way out. I looked back on my compulsive drinking with a sober eye and a heavy heart. I analyzed my behaviors and considered my motivations for making a binge and blackout drinking the standard for consumption.

It’s only in sobriety that you can understand how destructive you have been to yourself and those closest to you. These are the letters that I wish I had in my darkest hour, when I knew that I needed to quit but couldn’t.

These letters will lift you up from the ocean of despair and guilt that you’re drowning in.

These letters will make you understand why you drink until you can’t remember what you were trying to forget.

These letters might save your life or the life of someone you love…