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Ed Latimore Quotes About Sobriety

This is a collection of quotes and observations I’ve made since getting sober at the end of 2013. I hope these help someone struggling with their addiction as well.

Ed Latimore, author, blogger, and retired pro boxer
Ed Latimore Author, retired boxer, self-improvement enthusiast

One cool thing about not drinking:

Knowing how to find entertainment that isn’t centered around alcohol. It’s amazing how many people have no idea how to socialize without a bar.

There is not a single area of my life that didn’t improve when I stopped drinking.

It’s amazing how one choice can make all the difference for your entire life.

Sobriety forces you to confront whatever your alcoholism was hiding.

All of your reasons for heavy drinking come down to not being willing to face something, and it takes humility to accept that.

Arrogance has probably caused more alcoholics to fall off the wagon than denial.

One of the things about my drinking is that I wasn’t addicted to booze, per se. I was more addicted to the ritual and the partying surrounding it.

I associated good times with drinking so whenever I wanted to feel good, I drank.

Whenever I talk to addicts, I hear a similar story

People have a different reaction when you tell them “I’m sober” vs “I don’t drink”.

If you just stopped drinking and you’ve got social anxiety about it, the former almost never gets push back. In fact, it often comes with odd congratulations.

Sobriety is a great way to clean your social house.

It’s amazing how many fewer friends I had when it became “let’s meet for coffee” rather than “let’s meet for drinks”.

Most people are one missed happy hour away from total loneliness. They’d rather bad company than none at all

The cool thing about sobriety is that it forces you to learn what you like and don’t like.

A lot of stupid shit is enjoyable when you kill a few pitchers to make the time pass.

A lot of whack girls are tolerable when you get to every date a half hour early to get twisted.

I don’t know your life and what you have done. I only know that you can do so much more.

I don’t know your problems and struggles. I only know that you can and will beat them.

I don’t know where you want to be life. I only know that you will get there. I know because I did it.

Liquid courage is temporary. The pictures on the internet of you being a drunk asshole are forever.

The only “negative” side effect of sobriety: You’ll be alone with your thoughts and emotions for the first time. This is more terrifying than most imagine.

Ed Latimore, author, blogger, and retired pro boxer
Ed Latimore Author, retired boxer, self-improvement enthusiast

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