My name is Ed Latimore. I'm a writer, physicist, and a professional heavyweight boxer from the steel city.

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Who Wants It More?

I used to think my biggest competition was people with the most to gain–the guys who want it more and are completely obsessed. This conventional line of thinking makes a lot of sense. The guy who values the ass of a woman at the bar is going to compete harder to get a piece of it than you will.

The man who wants to be champion more than you will fight harder. The man that wants more money will out hustle you. However, there is another type of competitor that is much more dangerous than the man who wants it badly.

The Great Hall of Weak Illusions

There is no such thing as talent. Even if there is, it does you no good to believe in it. If you really think that what you are capable of was decided by a genetic luck of the draw or on the whims of a deity, why even bother trying? The moment you decide that your performance—or lack thereof—is the result of a special blessing, then you forfeit the opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

4 Steps to Improve Any Skill

In everything you do, you are compared to your predecessors. How you measure up has a dramatic impact on your future. If you're a football player coming out of college, your chances of playing professionally are greatly increased if you are the 2nd or 3rd best player in the nation compared to the 60th or 70th.

This is just the way it is and that's a good thing. Competition fosters excellence. Steel sharpens steel. Some say all that matters is that you tried your best. These types of people have no idea what it's like to compete with maximum effort. These are the people that made participation trophies a thing.

How Self-Discipline Helped Me to Overcome Depression and to Attract the Woman of My Dreams

This is a guest post from Sebastian over at Global Seducer. I really like this piece because it's informative, but it's the kind of lesson you only learn through living. These are my favorite lessons. The theme of this blog, my writing and my twitter is simple: I learned things the hard way and I try to teach them to you so you can learn them the easy way. The piece is in line with that theme. Follow him on twitter @GlobalSeduce.

How to Build Standards

A standard is important because it is how we measure things. When someone says they have standards, they mean they have a method of measuring the importance of something to them. The better it measures up, the better it aligns with our standards. We are measuring things because we need to determine if they are worthy of our most important resource—time.

Standards allow you to determine what your time is worth. The higher your standards, the better quality you let into your life. This goes for the food you eat, the people you spend your time around and the experiences you have in your short time on this rock. There are three steps to increase your standards so that you have a higher quality time on this planet.