My name is Ed Latimore. I'm a writer, physicist, and an undefeated heavyweight boxer from the steel city.

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Weakness Into Strength

All men are not created equal. This is hard to swallow for some people, but it is the truth. The good news is that we are fortunate enough to live in a world where a person is capable of changing their original position in life.

This can be for better or worse. For every person that makes a great life from impoverishment, there is a fool that trades the silver spoon for destitution and degeneracy. No matter where you start in life, you have the ability to finish anywhere you like IF you do what it takes to get there.


I've thought a lot of about the idea of value.  Understanding value goes a long way in creating a life worth living. The secret to having more of anything in life is to give more of it than you receive. The formula for misery is to take more of it than you give. Paradox rears its ugly head. It's ok. Let me explain.

How to Be an Attractive Man

With this post, my goal is simple yet ambitious: I want to reduce being attractive to a core set of traits. The 20 percent of things that you can do that will result in 80 percent of your success with women. This is by no means a complete list nor is it a guide to managing relationships, what to do on a date, psychological warfare, or dealing with last minute resistance. What I want to do is put you on a path where you will do less chasing of women because there will be more chasing you.

How Respect Is Forged

It’s hard to imagine being friendly with the person tasked to kill you. You may never see a death in the ring but that’s only because the rules are supposed to stop the fight before it gets to that point. This is why fighters must sign a piece of paper before every professional fight that makes murder legal as long it occurs within the rules. Fighting is like going out on a date with your executioner and wondering how far you’re gonna get before the night is over.

Hard Way Now, Easy Way Later

Show me a person that acts according to how they feel and I'll show you a loser. The human being seeks maximum pleasure for minimum effort. This means that if left to your own devices, you'll only do what is survive and replicate. Everything else is secondary if it doesn't increase pleasure or comfort.

Success is found by moving past your comfort zone. Repeatedly. Over time. The only way to do this is to consistently act against your own human nature. Sometimes you're motivated. Sometimes you're not. These are the moments to act against your feelings. If you don't, you won't move any closer to what you want.