My name is Ed Latimore. I'm a writer, physicist, and a professional heavyweight boxer from the steel city.

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How to Instantly Conquer Adversity With The Secret Power of The Imagination and Self-Inspiration

The voice you hear the most is your own. If this voice is not controlled, you’re letting your morale be a product of your environment. This prevents you from making your environment a product of your actions. This means that you can’t shape your world the way you want to.

Understand this: your body will quit a thousand times before your mind does, but that’s only if the voice inside your head tells it to keep going. If the voice inside your head is silent or not confident, you’ll falter when you need to stand strong. Life will knock you down and keep you down.

The Real Reason Learning Trumps Passion

The conventional advice is that a person should find a professional they love. In this way, they will always enjoy their work. This idea is captured by the popular saying “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

The problem with this advice is that it makes a subtle but key assumption: each of us wired to enjoy certain things for work and that we’ll definitely discover one of those things. Otherwise, we’re doomed to a life of Sisyphean-like work.

The Trick Is to Keep Breathing: A Student Athlete Review The Wim Hof Course

There are times when you need to say something smooth and witty. You need to make a smart comeback to a powerful insult or subtle flirtation. The game is on but you're too busy catching your breath. The better players leave you in the dust.

You need the answer to a problem. Time is not on your side. Your life and lives of those you care about are in danger. You need to act fast, but you're frozen with fear.

My Favorite Metaphors From Math and Physics

I'm currently a finishing up my undergraduate degree in physics. Physics is the branch of science that deals with all properties of energy and matter. I study how the universe works, not just classically, but also at relativistic and quantum levels. I'm effectively studying to be a wizard. 

As part of my wizard training, I need to be able to read the language of physics so that I can cast spells. The special properties of mathematics make it an easy language to describe the universe in. Therefore, all physics students must take so many math classes that we earn a minor degree in math.

A Not So Friendly Guide to The Ghetto

If you're reading this, chances are that you’re sitting at a computer. If you’re sitting at a computer, then you probably AREN'T in the ghetto. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re safe. You may be forced to encounter different aspects of the ghetto.

I spent the first years of my life in the ghetto. I’ve seen people get robbed, beaten and killed. I’ve been robbed, beaten and nearly killed. I’ve lived next to crack dealers, bad crackheads in my house and witnessed the worst humanity has to offer.