My name is Ed Latimore. I'm a writer, physicist, and a professional heavyweight boxer from the steel city.

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How to Make Friends

This post is a more focused and updated version of a reader response I posted here. The advice is in response to a question I got in my inbox about socializing.

The more I consider this question and my response, the more I see the value in what I wrote. Most people are clueless on how to form new platonic relationships as adults. I had to learn these things the hard way when I suddenly moved to LA when I was 26.

Twitter Poems and Insights

This a little side project I've been working on alongside the work I'm doing on my main book. This book is a collection and explanation of some poetry I've written in the medium of Twitter. One's potential for expression is often only realized after restraints are put in place. My constraining medium is Twitter. Each poem is crafted within the limits of 140 characters.

The poems teach or explain a valuable lesson about life. Following the poem is an in-depth explanation of the concept or idea expressed. Lastly, the reader is given an actionable step to solidify their understanding of the poem and to directly experience how the embracing the concept will improve their life.

30 for 30: 30 Lessons From 30 Years of LIfe

The theme is simple. 30 for 30. I could have used 31, but I just like the way 30 sounds. I’m only going to post the lessons. If you have particular questions about how I learned the lessons and the circumstances around them, feel free to write in the comments and ask. I can’t promise I will immediately respond, but I will do my best. If there's anything you to add, pop it in the comments as well. Without further ado, here are 30 lessons from 30 years of life.

Ed Latimore's 8 Most Recommended Books

While I review newer books that I read, many people have asked what me what are my personal favorite books. I quickly threw together a list of the most influential, memorable, and instructive books I have read over my entire life. 

I want to give everyone an accurate glimpse into my mind so my rules for creating this list were simple. I did not look at my kindle or physical library. I did not dig extra hard for 8 books. 8 just happened to be the number I had when it was all said and done and I could think of no more books. I sat down with my trusty moleskin notebook (that at this point is almost 10 years old) and I listed the first books that came to mind.

Running Routine and Philosophy

Boxing has many aspects of training. There is the technical aspect of punching, the coordination required for effective footwork, the flexibility required to move through the range of motion, and the courage to be effective defender.

The cornerstone of these attributes is the conditioning that allows one to put in multiple rounds of offense, but also to absorb the punishment that a skilled opponent dishes out. Boxer’s train to be great defenders, but every shot delivered by a skilled opponent is painful. It’s simply a matter of whether you are hurt or injured by the attacks.