My name is Ed Latimore. I'm a writer, physicist, and a professional heavyweight boxer from the steel city.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Wiser men than I have struggled with the problem of "how to achieve happiness". I’m not claiming my answer is the final word on the subject. I may be completely wrong, but I’ve had enough experience that I think there are nuggets of truth in what you’re going to read in this post. If this post results in even an infinitesimally small improvement in your quest for happiness, then I have accomplished my goal in its writing.

Happiness is overcoming struggle and solving problems on your way towards a goal. That sentence tells you everything you need to know about how to achieve the elusive state of happiness. Happiness does not exist in an exact location. It will not be found in a person. There are no objects you can possess that will make you happy. There are only things you can do and perspectives you adopt.

Hard Work Beats Talent

Having a talent for something is great, but all it really does is move you a little closer to the finish line. You still have to do the hard work of actually winning the race. Becoming world class–the level at which you are in the company of the greatest on the planet in you craft–is the race.

The race is incredibly long and tiresome. Many runners, even with the head start that talent gives them, do not make it to the finish line–the point of world class ability. Others have no such head start but no matter how hard they work, they falter at the end. Only a select few, made up of those with a head start and those without, ever finish.

3 Quick Ideas From a Semi Pro Gambler

Once upon a time I used to play poker for a “living”. I put that in quotations because its not like I was some high roller knocking over Vegas and Atlantic City and living on comps. I shared an apartment with two friends and my split of rent and utilities came to about 250 a month. I didn’t have a car because I couldn’t afford it so that meant I didn’t have to pay for gas and insurance.

How to Catch and Kill a Crackhead

Just imagine a sunny day like any other. You’re just relaxing, shooting some dice and enjoying a forty in the hood with the niggas (in the middle of the day, no less). You’re having such a good time that you lose track of time. Then suddenly, you look over the horizon and see that the sun is starting to set. You start to freak out and gather up all of your shit to quickly get in your house, but your boys don’t seem get what all the fuss is about.