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Work with me to clarify your communication and confidently make the hard decisions you’ve been avoiding.

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I’m a psychotherapist, so I’ve done a lot of work and know a lot about myself and my psychology. But I needed to refine my mindset and develop a practical approach to life and success. This is Ed’s zone of genius, which is why I wanted to work with him. He communicates complex ideas in simple ways that are understandable, applicable, and have direct impact. I learned a lot from Ed in our sessions together and continue to do so through his blog, twitter posts, and the example he sets as a good, wise, and powerful man in the world.


David Sutcliffe
David Sutcliffe
Somatic Practitioner, Certified in Core Energetics, Star of hit show “Gilmore Girls”

Are you tired of feeling stuck, unsure of how to make the tough decisions that life throws your way?

Do you struggle to communicate effectively, even when the stakes are high?

I’ve been there, and I know how overwhelming it can feel.

As someone who grew up in the projects, raised by a single mother, I learned early on that life doesn’t hand you anything – you have to fight for what you want. And that’s exactly what I did.

Despite being a failing math student in high school, I refused to let my circumstances define me. I pushed myself to pursue a degree in physics, honing my problem-solving skills and developing a resilient mindset along the way.

But my toughest battle came when addiction threatened to derail my life. Faced with the biggest decision of my life, I drew on the same determination and clarity that helped me succeed in academics and athletics to get sober.

Now, with over a decade of sobriety, a successful career as a professional boxer, and years of experience coaching others to overcome their challenges, I want to help you tap into that same inner strength.

 In just one hour, I’ll guide you through the process of making confident decisions and communicating effectively, no matter what obstacles you face. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A unique perspective born from my experiences growing up in a tough environment, overcoming addiction, and succeeding in high-pressure situations like championship fights
  • Honest, no-bullshit advice tailored to your specific situation – I won’t sugarcoat things or tell you what you want to hear
  • Actionable strategies and tools you can implement immediately to start seeing results
  • A non-judgmental, empowering space to explore your challenges and find your own path forward
  • The clarity and confidence to make the hard decisions you’ve been avoiding and communicate your needs with conviction

By the end of our call, you’ll have a clear roadmap for navigating life’s toughest challenges, along with the mindset and skills to execute it. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you’ll be ready to take on whatever comes your way.

I know what it takes to overcome adversity and build a life you’re proud of – and I’m committed to helping you do the same. Don’t waste any more time feeling stuck or unsure.

Invest in yourself and your future with a one-hour coaching call. Let me help you unlock the clarity and confidence you need to make the hard decisions and communicate effectively, just like I did when I turned my life around.

Take control of your destiny today – schedule your call now and let’s make it happen together.

What to expect from me during our call

Friendly “No bullshit” approach

I’m polite and respectful, but firm and honest. I’ll call you out, but I won’t make you feel like a piece of shit. Insulting and berating you doesn’t help you, but neither does lying and coddling.

We’ll solve the problem in good spirits but with a serious approach.


Strategy AND tactics

I won’t leave you with just high-levels ideas. I also won’t just tell you what to do without explaining the reasoning.

You’ll leave the call with a solid understanding of why the problem happened, actionable steps to solve it, and the clarity to prevent it from happening again.

Undivided, personalized attention

Our call is all about you and your specific situation. I’ll provide my undivided attention, listen closely to understand your unique challenges, and tailor my advice to your individual needs.

There is no one-size fits all approach to provided someone with solutions to most pressing issues. I listen with an open mind, free of preconceived notions to craft a unique solution for your unique challenge.

No judgement and relatability

I’ve been a porn addict, an alcoholic, and broke as a working adult man. Those might not be as bad as you’re going through, but I’ve been through enough to know that you aren’t your problems—and you shouldn’t be viewed as such. I won’t judge you because I’ve made the big ugly mistakes too.

I’ve been through the shit so I know what it takes to get out of it. Judgement doesn’t help. In fact, it hurts both of us.

Homework and follow-up

Our one-hour call is just the beginning. I’m committed to your success and will provide follow-up resources, homework, and check-ins via email. This ensures you stay on track and continue making progress.

I don’t just throw you back in the wild. I send you a summary and notes from our call, complete with additional insights I had after the call. I’ll check up on you with email or a Telegram message.

No time-limit

Yeah, I know the booking link says it’s for 1 hour, but Captain Barbossa says Pirates of The Caribbean, “The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.”

As long as we’re making progress and solving the problem, I’m not rigid on the call taking exactly 60 minutes. I tend to talk a lot anyway.

“I’d say you were very direct and made things very simple to process. Chatting with you for sure helped me focus on what was important and blockout anything unnecessary”

Tacko Fall
Tacko Fall
Former NBA player with the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers

Private coaching packages

You may only need one call to gain clarity about how to make a tough decision, but I’ll be honest:

The problem you’re coming to me for is rarely disease. It’s just a symptom. So, while I offer 1 off calls, I prefer us working together for 4 to 8 weeks at a time.

No matter how you choose to work with me—whether it’s one call, 8 weeks, or a longer commitment—you’ll still recieve my undivided attention and dedication to getting real results.

Single clarity coaching call

  • Actionable steps to for you to deal with the challenge you’re facing
  • After session notes with addition insights and strategies.
  • Follow-up message to check in on the progress you’ve made
  • $500 one time payment
Book here

4 weeks of clarity coaching

  • Excellent value that produces permanent results
  • Everything included in the single call tier
  • Direct support via Telegram
  • $1,750 on time payment
Book here

8 weeks of clarity coaching

  • Best value and where the most progress is made
  • My direct number for continual texting support outside of the calls.
  • $3,500 one-time payment
  • Everything included in the previous call tiers
Book here

More than 8 weeks

  • Want a longer, more in-depth experience?
  • Have a bigger challenge that requires a deeper level of support?
  • Send me a message telling me what you’re thinking so I can plan and price accordingly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are accepted?

I currently use Stripe. I do not accept cryptocurrency. If you need another payment method, send me message to let me know.

How is coaching structured?

When you book call or package, you’ll be asked to fill out what issue we’re working on. When I get on the call, I’ll typically ask you to talk through it to gain even more insight, as I take additional notes gathering information from your voice and body language.

How should I prepare for coaching?

No formal preparation is necessary for the first call. If you have a package, I’ll assign you tasks in between each call that require you to use our insights and make real progress towards your goal.

Are consultations confidential?

The short answer to this is “100%. No one will even know that you talked to me unless you tell them.” The longer answer is more nuanced and contains one important exception.

First, the nuance. I may use our conversation as inspiration for a piece of content, but your name/location/any thing remotely identifying you will be left out. Also, if you give testimonials, I won’t include your name unless you tell me it’s alright to do so.

Now, the exception. This is a coaching/consulting relationship. I’m not a licensed therapist so you aren’t, legally speaking, my client. So while the call is confidential, that does not mean it is “privileged.” This means that should I be served with a subpoena, I’m going to talk because I’m not going to jail. Keep this in mind.

What if you tell me to do something that conflicts with my doctor’s advice or is potentially against the law?

This is here, in writing, and I will remind you again on the call. Nothing I saw is to be taken as medical or legal advice. I am not a licensed physician or attorney and you are not my client.

Though I doubt I’d make suggestions to jeopardize your life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, on the off chance that you interpret it as such, I’m explicitly telling you not to.

This is as much for your safety as it is my freedom.

What is the cancellation policy?

Things happen. As long as you message me within 12 hours before, I don’t mind rescheduling. For more urgent situations, message me directly.

If you miss the scheduled time, it’s your responsibility to follow up. If you don’t follow up within 24 hours, your deposit will be treated as a donation. I won’t blacklist you, but do not expect a refund.

What if you, Ed, don’t show up to our meeting?

If I have to reschedule, I will let you know within 12 hours. I have to do this more than once for the same appointment, you have the option to either go along with my plans or take a complete refund.

Great! How do I schedule a coaching session or package?

Right here