It’s all starts with a decision. Not a wish. Not a hope. Not even a plan. The first thing you have to do is decide that you want something different. Until then, no advice in the world can help you.

I’ve never met someone that wants to make a change in their life that hasn’t. Whenever you meet someone who says that they “want to make a change”, you know that you’re dealing with a charlatan.

This is not to say that these people don’t want a different life, but we all want more of the good and less of the bad. The desire for a fine life is as common as the need for water. Even homeless people want a warm meal and slobs want a fine babe. But what are they doing to make this happen?

It all starts with a decision. The decision doesn’t have to be loud or obvious. In fact, I don’t believe anyone that makes a public decree of the life changes they plan on making. The only thing the decision required is an explicit understanding that the old way of doing things is over. Now you do things a new way that gets you closer to your desires.

You have to understand something. This is the part that most people get caught up on because they have no imagination. When you lack imagination, you’re forced to accept your surroundings as they appear to be. Changing your life seems impossible. You can’t see how space can be rearranged by sheer effort into a space that reflects your desires.

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Physics teaches us that time and space are inexorably linked. This means that it’s also impossible for you to be patient. Most people think that when they decide to have a better life that it will happen instantly. When it doesn’t happen quickly, they give up and revert back to their old self. What would have taken time to manifest in the physical world will never come to pass at all.

Before anything can come to pass, you have to make a decision. Even if the learning curve is steep, you have made a decision. There’s no turning back. There is no choice but to continue until you have what you want or you perish.

Once the decision is made, you will not perish. The universe rallies behind those who commit to a path of action. When you make the decision, the universe recognizes this and suddenly you will find opportunities and talents you weren’t aware of. This sounds esoteric, but I have observed this too many times to doubt it.

All it takes is a decision. In an instant, your life is changed. The change happens first in your mind, then it’s reflected in your actions and finally, your surroundings bear little resemblance to anything you’ve known.

It’s at this point that people will you say you’ve changed and those from the past will have nothing in common with you. That’s ok, because you made the decision. The decision to change your life in an instant. A decision most will never make.