How Self-Discipline Helped Me to Overcome Depression and to Attract the Woman of My Dreams

This is a guest post from Sebastian over at Global Seducer. I really like this piece because it’s informative, but it’s the kind of lesson you only learn through living. These are my favorite lessons. The theme of this blog, my writing and my twitter is simple: I learned things the hard way and I try to teach them to you so you can learn them the easy way. The piece is in line with that theme. Follow him on twitter @GlobalSeduce.

Do you remember what it was like when you were at your lowest?

I do. I remember a time of pain, struggle, self-doubt and a depression that nearly killed me. And when I say that it nearly killed me, I really mean it. There were times when I thought about jumping out of the window.

But please don’t get me wrong. My life was not hard. I had two wonderful parents, a roof over my head and enough food to eat. 90% of the world’s population would have been jealous of the life I lived. And still, I was so damn unhappy. I can’t even remember how many nights I cried myself to sleep.

I just ended a four-year relationship that I should have ended after four days. I was terribly lonely, had a severe form of social anxiety and the only thing I hated more than my life was my job. Whenever someone asked me how I was, I answered with the typical “I’m fine”.

The truth is that I was anything but fine.

There were a lot of things that I was missing in my life. Purpose, happiness, love and vision were just a few of them.

If I had only known that self-discipline was the key to all of the things that I was so desperately missing…

The Moment You See the Power of Self-Discipline

The moment you see the power of self-discipline with your own eyes can be the most defining moment of your life, at least when you make use of this opportunity. When I was at my lowest, both in terms of my dating life and my professional life, I asked a very famous dating and life coach for help.

Back then I was so nervous to meet him that I nearly chickened out in the last minute. Remember, I had severe social anxiety. Today he is one of my closest friends. He changed my life by helping me to face my fears and inner demons, but there was one thing about him that helped me 10 times more.

This man was the definition of self-discipline.

He was so dedicated to help his students and worked so hard for what he achieved. I never had this attitude, but you can bet your right hand that being around this man inspired me to discover the power of self-discipline.

It’s easy to ignore this power when somebody tells you about it. It’s much harder when you see how somebody uses it to build a thriving business and to attract amazing relationships. After just two days with my mentor I knew exactly what I had to change.

The Real Cause of My Depression

The real cause of my depression had nothing to do with the world around me. I thought that the other people, my job, and the women who rejected me were the reason why I was so miserable, but that was just a lie I was telling myself. The women who rejected me or the job I hated had nothing to do with my miserable condition.

The real problem was me.

The only reason why I was in this situation was because I was unable to take action. Hell, I never even tried to change my life.

When you are in such a situation it’s always easy to blame everyone else but yourself. It’s way easier to give up your responsibility than to take responsibility for your own life. But that’s what self-discipline is all about.

A self-disciplined man is a man who has the discipline to work on himself. This man doesn’t blame others. The only person he blames is himself and self-discipline ensures that he doesn’t have to blame himself for his failures as often as he can enjoy his victories.

Self-Discipline Helped Me to Respect Myself

I was more than ready to enjoy my victories and God knows that I was willing to work hard for them.

The first thing I did was to give my TV to one of my closest friends. He was so confused that he started an emotional conversation about suicide when I gave it to him.

He was afraid that I was giving away this thing because I wanted to kill myself. At first, he didn’t believe me when I told him that I gave it to him because I finally wanted to live. For the first time of my life I felt alive. It was an amazing feeling.

At this time I listened to an interview of Kevin Garnett, one of the greatest NBA players of all time. The interviewer asked him how he could play at such a high level for all these years. He just looked at the interviewer and said that people respect you when you work hard. Guess what, the other players respected him.

And it’s true. People respect you when you work hard. Women are more attracted to a man who works hard than to a man who watches TV all day long. However, the biggest benefit of having the self-discipline to work hard is that you begin to respect yourself.

Respecting yourself doesn’t just turn you into an incredibly attractive man. It also allows you to follow your vision and to attract whatever and whoever you want.

The Self-Discipline to Work on My Vision Attracted the Woman of My Dreams

Without self-discipline I would have never quit my job and started my business. Without self-discipline I would have never developed this business in a way that it allows me to live wherever I want.

But there’s another thing that would have never happened, if I hadn’t learned what it really means to work hard, to follow your vision, and to live your purpose.

I would have never met the woman of my dreams.

There’s a saying that you can only attract who you are. And it’s true. If you hate yourself, your job and your life, you will never be able to attract a life-affirming woman with a positive energy. In order to attract such an amazing woman, you need to become the man she’s naturally attracted to.

Self-discipline can help you to become this man.

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