There are any number of reasons you may not be able to get to a gym. Maybe you lack the time, the funds or maybe you live in an area where there aren’t any gyms. As usual, that’s no excuse for letting your physique deteriorate. You can get everything on this list for a total of less than $150. 

I’ve put together a list of simple things I’ve kept around for years to workout with. Even if you live in a studio apartment, you have enough space to workout with these items. Hell, even guys in a prison cell would have enough space to get a decent workout in with this gear. Therefore you have no excuse. 

Ab Wheel

The ab wheel hits your back, abs, upper body and legs. If you’ve never used one, here is a tutorial. For some creative exercises, here is a great book full of them I was using for a while. 


Weighted Vest

Everything you already do, you should do with a weighted vest. The only exception is running distance. However, for hill sprints and short distance (anything less than 100 meter) sprints, a weighted vest is an excellent resistance tool. Push ups, pull ups, sprints, body squats, you name it. 

Jump Rope

Obviously you won’t be jumping rope in your little studio apartment. You’ll have to step outside for this one. Don’t worry. The fresh air is good for you. I particularly like this style of jump rope because it is easily adjustable and the rope is made of a steel wire mesh coated in plastic. This not only makes the rope more durable, but it also makes it fast. Be careful when you store it, because if you store it with a fold in then the fold will stay. You’ll basically be forced to buy a new rope. 

Perfect Push-Up

I have these because of some elbow issues. Doing push ups with these makes it easier. However, they do improve your form and make it very easy to get the most out of your push up. Push ups are pretty self explanatory. If you want to take it to the next level, add the weighted vest


Pull Up Bar

This is the only piece of equipment you’d have difficulty using in a prison cell. You might also have trouble if you don’t have a doorway. This is possible if you have a really tiny studio but other than that, this is another easy addition to your home gym.