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My review and breakdown of Tweet Hunter

Are you looking for a way to monetize your Twitter following and effectively manage your social media presence? Tweet Hunter is for you.

Ed Latimore
Ed Latimore
Writer, retired boxer, self-improvement enthusiast

Tweet Hunter Review: The All-in-One Tool for Managing and Growing Your Twitter Presence

Are you looking for a way to monetize your Twitter following and effectively manage your social media presence? Tweet Hunter is one of the newest Twitter growth tools on the market. is more than just another SaaS to schedule tweets or automation tool. It also uses AI writing to help you create more engaging Twitter threads, get more Twitter followers, and help you better play—and win—the Twitter Game.

Tweethunter Home Screen
Tweethunter Home Screen

I was originally wary of TweetHunter because I like to write organically. I’m not a big fan of scheduling content ahead of time. Sure, that may be inefficient, but I consider writing more of an art than a business. However, Tweethunter is a lot more than just a scheduling tool.

The biggest selling point of Tweethunter is its library of over 2 million viral tweets. They’ve been indexed by category, allowing for some fascinating features that allow you to get the most out of Twitter.

But that’s not all.

Tweet Hunter also includes several AI-powered features to help optimize your content and increase its reach. I’ve been using Tweet Hunter for over a year now, and this review covers Tweet Hunter’s features along with how to get the best out of them.

A brief history of Tweet Hunter’s creation (skip ahead if you just want the review)

TweetHunter is founded by Tibo Louis-Lucas and Thomas Jacquesson. Their idea was to analyze and index popular tweets, then store them in a “swipe file” for users to browse and draw inspiration from.

Tibo Louis-Lucas and Thomas Jacquesson, Tweethunter Founders
Tibo Louis-Lucas and Thomas Jacquesson, Tweethunter Founders

The product was founded in May 2021 when Louis-Lucas and Jacquesson wanted to create a tool to help struggling writers create engaging content for social media.

They saw a need for a tool like Tweet Hunter in the crowded world of Twitter, where standing out from the competition can be difficult. With its focus on helping users write their own viral tweets, Tweet Hunter aims to give content creators the tools they need to succeed in the fast-paced world of social media.

Tweet hunter helps you create content

With its library of over 2 million high-performing tweets (and it’s constantly updated), as well as a collection of curated tweets across ten different categories, it’s easy to search for similar tweets themed around specific topics, keywords, accounts, or even @handles. You can even set filters to exclude certain keywords and people.

Topics for Twitter from Tweet Hunter
Topics for Twitter from Tweet Hunter

The Thread Ideas feature also helps you develop ideas for tweet threads that have the highest probability of engaging your users and getting shared, but that’s not even TweetHunter’s most unique feature.

The threads are heavy on money ideas, but that's more a result of users than Tweet Hunter. Still useful
The threads are heavy on money ideas, but that's more a result of users than Tweet Hunter. Still useful

This feature makes it easy to find inspiration to create. However, the app also offers automatic inspiration suggestions, daily custom and ready-to-publish tweets, thread ideas, and thread hook generators.

One of my favorite tools in this category is its Tweet Rewriter. TweetHunter uses artificial intelligence to help users optimize their content by generating new versions of your tweet based on popular SEO keywords. If you didn’t know, Twitter uses an SEO-like algorithm to determine what you see on your timeline, so this is a great feature.

TweetPredict™ predicts how well your tweet will perform based on the wording you’re using and how similar tweets before have performed. I’ve always maintained that how you write on Twitter is just as important as what you write about, and this addition of this tool strongly supports that assertion.

Tweet Predict gives a successful tweet just an "ok" rating
Tweet Predict gives a successful tweet just an "ok" rating

This feature is nice, but I wouldn’t put too much stock into it. I ran some of my more popular tweets through it, and it only came back with an “ok” rating on a few of them.

Overall, Tweet Hunter’s AI-powered features make it an efficient and effective tool for finding and sharing the best content on Twitter. Take a free 7-day trial of this feature to see for yourself.

Fantastic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Tweet Hunter is also a powerful Twitter marketing tool to help you manage your account and grow your followers.

This makes it easy to figure out who to engage with based on certain factors.
This makes it easy to figure out who to engage with based on certain factors.

The app has a nice set of fairly advanced CRM features to make it very easy to track the habits and patterns of your target audience. You can make it easy to engage with specific people, keywords, or those who have mentioned you in their tweets. This feature allows you to get the most out of your time on the app because you’ll now longer have to scroll through your feed to find out who to respond to.

You can easily extract data from users who have liked and interacted with trending tweets in your niche, view and reply to them, and nurture relationships with potential leads.

The AI technology even assists you in generating the best replies and allows you to respond easily to all of your mentions from one convenient location. Plus, you can import and organize accounts into lists and add personal notes to each contact to better keep track of your interactions.

You no longer have to waste time sifting through irrelevant tweets. Tweet Hunter helps you find the most relevant tweets from the most engaging users and specifically respond to them. This is a powerful tactic for boosting your impressions and engagement.

Stop wasting time and energy on to find the most relevant accounts on Twitter to engage with. Try a free 7-day trial today.

Tweet Hunter analytics

You can’t improve something if you don’t measure it.

Every Twitter user wants more impressions and engagement. Tweet Hunter offers a range of powerful analytics to help you track the metrics most relevant to your Twitter growth. You can easily track the top tweets with the most followers, engagement, and reach, and organize your tweets by date and performance.

Tweet Hunter Analytics
Tweet Hunter Analytics

You can monitor daily follower growth and individual tweet performance, including impressions, clicks, engagement, and retweets. You can publish your stats publicly and track your overall Twitter performance over the past week, month, or quarter.

This is an excellent tool for selling retweets to someone to tell them that your account is the real deal. Or, sometimes, you just want to post your metrics for bragging rites.

The analytics measurements aren’t that different the ones you get from Twitter automatically, but seeing your top tweets broken down by those categories is useful for knowing which pieces of content to repurpose.

Get next level insights into your Twitter analytics with this free 7-day trial.

Tweet Inspiration and AI Writing

If you have writers block, not only will Tweet Hunter help you demolish it, you might even end up with a viral tweet. Simply tell Tweethunter what topics you need inspiration around and it will deliver the highest performing tweets from around the Twitterverse for you to be inspired by.

Daily inspirational tweets to help you write
Daily inspirational tweets to help you write

With a library of over 2 million high-performing tweets and a staff-curated list of over 4,000 tweets across ten categories, you’ll always have a tweet to inspire you to create something better—and it will be.

Simply search for tweets by account, category, or keyword to find out what’s trending, or create lists of your favorite accounts to draw inspiration from. And if you’re struggling to come up with content on your own, Tweet Hunter’s AI-generated tweets and prompts can help spark your creativity.

My list of inspiring tweets. Seems right for my keywords.
My list of inspiring tweets. Seems right for my keywords.

Use Tweet Hunter as your personal ghostwriter. The ai writer will help generate innovative ideas for your tweets. After you plug in the keywords you want the AI ghostwriter to create around, it then pops out a few tweets that are actually pretty decent. 

Some tweets TweetHunter generated for me based on my keywords
Some tweets TweetHunter generated for me based on my keywords

With such a wealth of resources at your fingertips, you’ll be well on your way to using AI writing to create the next viral tweet

If you’ve never used AI to write tweets, take 7 days to try it out for free.

Auto DM for Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is very easy with Tweet Hunter’s Auto DM feature.

With this powerful tool, you can send automated direct messages to users who follow your account, retweet your content, or leave comments on your tweets. This is an excellent way to promote your products, grow your email list, and redirect users to your website or other content.

Tweet Hunter advanced option in green box, message to be sent when action is fulfilled in red
Tweet Hunter advanced option in green box, message to be sent when action is fulfilled in red

As a marketer, the Auto DM function is also a fantastic way to offer freebies and resources to your followers. Simply set up your pre-written DM and designate the actions that will trigger it to be sent, and let Tweet Hunter take care of the rest. No more tedious copy-pasting – just sit back and watch your subscriptions and website traffic grow.

It’s important to note in the image above that the Twitter API will only you to send 750 DMs per day. After that, it simply won’t send.

It also won’t send to locked accounts or accounts that aren’t following you. Everytime I do this, I get at least one person who retweets looking for the freebie who either:

  • Doesn’t follow me
  • Has their account private
  • Was one who retweeted after the first 750 people in 24 hours

As far as I’m concerned, that last one is technically a good problem. Still, it’s something to be aware. 

Instructions clear for people to receive the DM
Instructions clear for people to receive the DM

Make sure you tell people that they will receive a DM if they retweet the tweet. Failure to do so is violation of Twitter Spam policy and WILL get your account reported and most likely suspended. 

I’ve used this feature to help grow my followers and make a post go viral. I’ve done this by setting the freebie to auto-dm and letting people know that the only way to get it is to retweet the tweet. This works amazingly well if you position it the tweet that triggers the auto-dm as part of a thread.

Message sent to people who retweet to download my ebook
Message sent to people who retweet to download my ebook

This is a great way to streamline your Twitter marketing efforts and really turn your Twitter account into a cash cow.

Try Tweet Hunter’s Auto DM feature on a free 7-day trial today and start seeing results immediately.


Have youe ever noticed that Twitter limits your reach when you try to promote your newsletter or product to your followers? Well, that’s because Twitter down ranks tweets which contain links that take people off of the site.

It doesn’t matter if the link is to CNN, Wikipedia, or your membership site. All that matters is that it’s not Twitter and in Twitter’s eyes, that’s no good. So it doesn’t show up on nearly as many feed’s

Tweet Hunter helps get around that with automatic plugs to tweets after they reach a certain amount of engagements (likes or retweets). With this automated plugin feature, the original tweet will go far and wide, as there is no link in the tweet. The additional tweet containing the link will only be added, as if it’s a conversation, so as not to affect the reach. This is a double bonus:

  1. People will see your product, service, or newsletter as it’s added to the main tweet being shared and hopefully going viral.
  2. When the tweet is added, it will also be partial visible on your timeline as a new tweet.

This tactic is how I’ve continuously made 6-figures selling my products and grown my newsletter to over 35K subscribers.

Automatically plugging a link to my newsletter after 40 likes
Automatically plugging a link to my newsletter after 40 likes

This is a game-changer for those looking to grow their email list or sell a product on Twitter. No more worrying about your reach being limited. Your message can finally get out to a wider audience.

Try out a free 7-day trial of this feature to make you more money in the upcoming year—>Tweet Hunter Free Trial


Retweeting your best tweets is an excellent way to get more mileage out of your already proven successful content.

This feature will automatically retweet your content so you don’t even have to worry about it. Just set it and forget it. This can be especially useful if you have followers in different time zones, as it ensures that more followers will have the chance to see your tweets.

It’s also remarkably useful if you’re on a hot streak and growing followers like crazy, because it will expose your old content to new people.

Instead of creating and posting a new tweet each time you want to share the same content, Tweet Hunter allows you to repost your original tweet multiple times simply. And when you’re ready to stop reposting the tweet, you can easily use the auto-removal feature to take it down.

Final verdict on Tweet Hunter

Overall, Tweet Hunter is a comprehensive tool for managing and growing your Twitter audience. Its AI-powered features an extensive library of viral tweets make it the perfect solution for anyone looking to monetize their social media following.

Compared to other AI-driven Tweet schedulers like Hypefury or Typefully, Tweethunter has cleaner interface and more robust and intuitive catalog of tweet inspirations.

It’s a little price than some of the other options, but this is money well spent because of how clean the design of the site is. I can’t stress this enough, but the user interface of Tweethunter is top notch and easy to figure out. Also, Tweet Hunter has a very obvious angle of helping you make money on the platform.

The ONLY downside is that there isn’t and Android or iPhone app, but I hear this will soon be remedied.

Try out Tweet Hunter for free for 7 days to see if it’s right for you

Ed Latimore
About the author

Ed Latimore

I’m a writer, competitive chess player, Army veteran, physicist, and former professional heavyweight boxer. My work focuses on self-development, realizing your potential, and sobriety—speaking from personal experience, having overcome both poverty and addiction.

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