Review of the Gorilla Mind Rush: Is It Effective?

After purchasing and trying the Gorilla Mind Rush nootropic blend, I only wish I’d done it sooner!

By Ed Latimore Last modified

I use Gorilla Mind Rush, but why should you trust it too?

Energy. Productivity. Intense Focus.

We all need these things throughout the day.

As a heavyweight boxer, physics student, teacher, and writer, I can’t afford to slip.

The ability to experience heightened concentration without the dreaded energy crash that often accompanies the consumption of energy drinks and similar substances is extremely important.

There are times where you need to be at the top of your game.

Perhaps you’re in charge of leading an important business meeting.

Or perhaps you’re working hard to stay on top of a strict workout schedule.

You may originally start with the needed energy, stamina, and focus.

But what if it doesn’t last? What if you lose steam throughout the middle of the exercise?

This is where the importance and merits of Gorilla Mind Rush come into play.


Is Gorilla Mind Rush Worth It?

When you understand how Gorilla Mind Rush works, you will know if this nootropic blend is best for you.

If you consume Gorilla Mind Rush in the morning and on an empty stomach, you will notice several gradual changes over various periods of time.

After the first 15 minutes, you will begin to observe subtle changes in your overall energy and feelings.

Once 30 minutes has passed, you will experience clearer thinking, greater focus, and heightened productivity and motivation, prompted by Gorilla Mind Rush.

However, the one-hour mark is when things really get interesting. Not only will you experience intensified concentration levels and minimized distractions, but you will also notice that Gorilla Mind Rush has decreased stress and anxiety while greatly increasing your attention span and multitasking abilities.

After an hour and a half, your concentration, retention, and focus capabilities will heighten considerably and remain this way for five to six hours. Once six hours have passed, the powerful effects of Gorilla Mind Rush will subside without any dreaded “crashes” or severe losses of energy.

When used properly, Gorilla Mind Rush is not only effective, but life-changing!

Gorilla Mind Rush helps me train in the gym, focus in the classroom, and write the most engaging prose—all without the jitters and crash that accompanies other nootropics and energy drinks.


Understanding the Workings of Gorilla Mind Rush

While this nootropic blend is more than worth it, having a thorough understanding of Gorilla Mind Rush prior to consumption is absolutely essential to get the most out of it.

Gorilla Mind Rush is a very high-functioning, all-day stimulant.

Gorilla Mind Rush is best consumed during the morning time and on an empty stomach.

Gorilla Mind Rush should not be consumed with caffeine until tolerance is developed.

Gorilla Mind Rush should not be consumed near or shortly before your bedtime.

Ultimately, this nootropic blend is the best on the market and ideal for anyone who wishes to heighten productivity, focus, and energy levels. Gorilla Mind Rush works whether you aim to boost your performance at the gym, heighten competitive abilities, etc. But don’t JUST take my word for it….


Customers’ Reviews of Gorilla Mind Rush

Individuals who have had the pleasure of using this world-class nootropic have offered nothing short of praise and accolades.

One customer lauded Gorilla Mind Rush’s “noticeable yet comfortable effect on energy and focus,” while another buyer left five stars along with the following review:

“This product is the real deal. Working part-time 30 hours a week and being a full time law student was beginning to run me down. In looking to get an “edge” I decided to try Gorilla Mind Rush because I trust Cernovich enough to know that he wouldn’t sell crap. I usually begin the day by taking 3 and I’ll chase it down with an iced coffee. I don’t need to eat anything until around noon. I sometimes will take 2 more in the afternoon. I’m able to put in 14 hour days 7 days a week and still have time and energy for the gym. Gorilla Mind is an absolute game changer.”

An additional customer offered similar accolades about the impacts of Gorilla Mind Rush:

            “Gorilla Mind Rush is by far my favorite nootropic blend I’ve tried so far. It gives me an intense rush of energy without any jitters or anxiety, and really helps me to stop procrastinating or distracting myself and enjoy focused productivity. Highly recommended!”

The consumption of Gorilla Mind Rush is loved, long-lasting, and legal!


Gorilla Mind Rush is Ideal For Focusing on Your Studies

Academic studies are one of the most common areas where people struggle with focus and concentration.

I know this not just from dealing with students I tutor in math and physics, but with my own struggles in the subject as well.

Thankfully, Gorilla Mind Rush easily counters this problem within less than 90 minutes of consuming the nootropic blend.

Clearer thinking, heightened concentration, and an increased attention span provides gives a student with the critical tools they need to focus on their studies, regardless of the given subject at hand.

Your studies are important and you want to get the most out of your mind.

With all the distractions from texts, social media, and push notifications, you need something to help you block out the noise and focus.

Gorilla Mind Rush will help you excel at your studies and put your best foot forward whether you’re taking notes, overviewing information, or in the process of acing a test.


Gorilla Mind Rush Is Ideal For Concentrating at the Gym

Countless people go to the gym every day.

The merit, benefits, and upsides of physical exercise are well-documented.

However, concentrating at the gym can be somewhat problematic. There are many distractions. Everything competes for your attention and takes away from your works. Cellphone notifications, other people, screens attached to workout machines, and more.

All of these things are wasting your time, energy, money, and most importantly, MAKING YOU WEAK.

Thankfully, Gorilla Mind Rush serves as the ideal product to neutralize the pesky distractions which would prevent from you enjoying the best possible workout.

Heightened concentration and energy upsurges are especially noticeable between thirty minutes and one hour after consuming this nootropic blend. Whether you’re working on your cardio, arms, abs, or hitting a boxing workout, count on Gorilla Mind Rush to provide you with the extra boost and stamina required to enjoy the most productive workout.


Understanding the Ingredients of Gorilla Mind Rush

Many people want to know and understand how each ingredient impacts this nootropic blend.

Thankfully, Gorilla Mind Rush is very transparent with its ingredient list

Gorilla Mind Rush

Gorilla Mind Rush contains the following ingredients:

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol): increases information transmission, processing abilities; enhances memory, mood, and mental concentration

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: increases motivation, concentration, energy, and mental focus; relieves stress and anxiety

L-Theanine: relaxes brain; decreases stress; eradicates anxiety

Alpha-GPC: boosts information recollection/absorption, focus, concentration, HGH levels, cognitive functions, memory levels, and physical performance

Caffeine Anhydrous: Heightens logical reasoning, mood, physical strength, focus, recovery times, concentration, and energy levels

Di-Caffeine Malate: halts feelings of overstimulation

Bacopa Monnieri: shields brain neurons from damage; produces mild euphoria; reduces anxiety, joint/muscle pain; increases memory, mood, mental energy, information recollection/absorption

N-phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate/Eria Jarensis Extract: preserves energy; increases fat-burning capabilities, awareness, motivation, concentration, energy, mental abilities, and focus

2-Aminoisoheptane: (See N-phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate/Eria Jarensis Extract)

Higenamine: Boosts concentration, focus, energy levels, and fat loss

BioPerine™ (Black Pepper Extract): Preserves longevity of the aforementioned effects and individual absorption of the aforementioned ingredients

Huperzine A: Halts brain damage; increases cognitive functions and memory; helps body composition; combats aging


So Is Gorilla Mind Rush Worth It?

Yes, Gorilla Mind Rush is worth it!

To recap, here are the best reasons to try this nootropic blend:

Increases energy, enhances focus and productivity levels

Ideal in all scenarios whether you are studying academia, exercising at the gym, or taking part in a competition

Well reviewed by customers

If this review was helpful in informing your decision to buy the supplement, I’d appreciate it if you use my affiliate link here.

Gorilla Mind Rush’s retail price is $37.99, but is currently being sold for a temporary low price of $29.99 each.

I personally invested in this product and it changed my life. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, reviews, and feedback.

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