Recommended supplements

These are the supplements that I use every day. I explain why I use them and why I think they’re worth spending money on.

By Ed Latimore Last modified

Everything on this page I use and I recommend you do the same. These are affiliate links so if my endorsement helps you pick something up, grab it here.

There are tons of articles out there on the scientific benefits of each supplement listed on this page. I’m not going to regurgitate or paraphrase them. You can look those up if you want to dig into the exact biochemical processes and mechanisms. But I will say what I get from them and why I spend my money on them.

Optimum Nutrition ZMA

I use this because it makes me sleep deeply and promotes the production of testosterone. Deeper sleep means your sleep is more rejuvenating. I know that taking this supplement causes me to spend more time in REM sleep (where the good stuff happens) because I dream a lot more when I’m using it regularly. Without it, I almost never dream because I drink a lot of coffee throughout the day.

Optimum Nutrition Beta-Alanine (unflavored)

Beta-Alanine is the strength supplement no one is talking about. It is the only thing I have found (of a non steroid variety) that legitimately makes you stronger just by taking it. It also has the wonderful benefit of there being no limit on how much stronger it makes you (its probably more scientifically accurate to say that there is no limiting factor on the biochemical process that is responsible for increasing your strength). If I could only keep one supplement in my collection, this would be it. Hands down.

Now Foods Taurine 1000mg

If beta-alanine makes me stronger, taurine makes me look better while being strong. And its given me a great boost in my endurance. Specifically, when using taurine I am able to do a day of running, lifting, sparring and writing with almost no drop off in energy. Apparently there’s a whole host of other benefits, but the one I notice is that my body composition is improved as well as my endurance and conditioning.

Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino 2222 Tablets

I was using the BCAA from this same company until about a month ago, then I switched over. So the only downside about this product is the huge ass pills. Some people say that shit for effect, but the pills are seriously huge. If you don’t have a problem with that, then I strongly suggest you pick up this blend of amino acids. Your strength and muscle growth will skyrocket. I maintain an excellent eating and training schedule so my weight is very predictable. However, on this supplement I’ve been able to put on real, noticeable gains in my legs in 3 weeks of lifting. My post practice weight is up to 220 (up about 5 lbs) while it looks like I’m losing weight (I am repeatedly asked if I’m losing weight). This means that I am actually gaining muscle where I’m focusing on it. I also notice that my mental clarity is much greater. That may or not be related directly to the supplement, but it is entirely possible given what I’ve read of amino acid benefits.

Olympian Labs Agmatine Sulfate Supplement

I stumbled upon this supplement quite on accident. I think I was just buying shit that sounded cool on the label because I had a gift card. So it sat in cabinet for about 6 months. Then I decided to do my research and it seemed like I should at least give it a go. This is another supplement that is always in a state of constantly boosting my tangible attributes (strength, endurance, and recovery). I also notice that the supplement makes me quite vascular. All the bros looking for that fresh out the gym look should add this. But it also is highly functional. You don’t notice this working immediately, but within a week you will and it will be most apparent in your raw physical stats and appearance. You really do look better on this.

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