You’re only as powerful as your darkest secret but you must remember that shame’s power is only in your imagination. It’s not a gun to your head. It’s not your family being held hostage. The only potential victim is your pride.

Pride is how the ego holds itself together. Often your ego is a good thing. It is how you define yourself and it gives you the mental fortitude to resist the influences of the world. This is also the ego’s greatest weakness. Anything that contradicts the image it hold’s for itself is deemed a threat.

You believe yourself to be one way, but there are things you have done that make your ego think of itself the other way. As long as you can bury these dark secrets of cognitive dissonance, your ego and self-image remain complete and you feel safe.

The moment someone threatens to show the world what you and your ego really are, then you are threatened. In the interest of self-preservation, you’ll do whatever it takes to alleviate the pressure. At best, this means you’ll cave to social pressures. At worst, you are shamed and blackmailed into doing someone’s bidding.

This is how sharp individuals are dulled down to the level of their surroundings. They want to be perceived a certain way by the masses so they mute the things about them that would make them incredible. Societal approval is the invisible force crushing the greatness out of everyone that succumbs to it. The only defense against this is not giving a damn what anyone thinks.

No special confidence is required for this. No initial level of achievement is needed. All one must do is embrace the fact that they are an individual. Most of us are trained to think a certain way when we’re children. As we grow into teenagers and then adults we carry these thoughts patterns, for better and for worse.

Caring about what people think keeps you from doing dumb shit that hurts people and breaks the law. That’s the good. It also keeps you from taking good risks that will put you in a position to achieve great success.

The reason? Fear. Your ego personally fears that it will be unmasked and that you aren’t really as great as you think. It’s one thing to believe it in a bubble, but it’s a different game entirely when you have to test your ideas against harsh reality.

Others shame you into conformity because if you succeed, then it reminds them of their own failure. Their ego sees that while the risk is scary and that destruction (to the ego, failure is always self-destruction) is possible, so is new birth and creation. Other egos don’t want this revealed so they stamp down any that will show this is possible.

You want to create. The masses want you to consume. Even though the immense freedom and power that you’d have is obvious, the system of ego’s keeps you down. The only way to defeat them is to develop your super power of apathy. If you don’t care what the masses think then you’re damn near invincible.

There is something you must understand. The best prison isn’t physical. It’s mental. It’s fortified by your fears, guarded by your insecurities and funded by public shame. Almost every person you meet serves a function in this jail. Most are inmates, some are guards and a few are wardens.

Once you break free, there is nothing they can do to bring you back. Now you rule the roost. You are free to do whatever you please in the world, provided it doesn’t land in a physical prison. This a superhuman level of freedom that most never experience. To truly not care what anyone thinks isn’t damn near a super power. In these times, it actually is.