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4 Reasons why you shouldn’t go to college

In this day and age, college is a bad idea for so many reasons. In this article, I tell you the four major ones AND give you some alternatives.

10 no-nonsense steps to get your life right

At 27, I was a loser. My days consisted of drinking and working a minimum-wage job. Today I’m sober, I have a fulfilling relationship, and I make good money. These are the steps I took to turn my life around.

6 Reasons why writing is important

There is no more effective method for organizing your thoughts than writing. Good writing is one of the most important skills that you can develop.

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The difference between intuition and instinct

Intuition is the result of knowledge and knowledge is the result of experience. Instinct is innate. Learn the advantages of both.

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19 life hacks to give you an unfair advantage

A lifehack is a secret to help you get more out of life with only a little extra effort. Here are a few I’ve learned to get further ahead faster.

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What I learned from the Woven App

I tried out Woven to schedule my time and reach some goals. Here’s what I learned in the process.

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6 Quick Ways To Fix Bad Writing

Here are some great tips to make you a better writer. Following these will fix a lot of bad writing that you’re doing.

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Is karma real? 3 lessons from an internet troll

You never know who’s paying attention on social media. An internet troll learns that what goes around comes around and that karma is a bitch.

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Is physics hard? How to study and learn basic physics

Physics isn’t hard. You just need a special approach to the math and theory involved. Here’s what you must do if you want to learn basic physics.

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Going back to school at 30: 4 things you better consider

If you’re thinking about going back to school, read this first. I detail my observations and experiences being an adult student in college.

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I was bad at math. Now I’m not. Here’s what I did

This article details the step-by-step methods I used to grasp basic arithmetic, higher-level calculus, and every math concept and level of math in between.

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10 ways to quickly become a better person

If you want to be the type of person that people look up to and respect, then I present to you 10 habits that will make you a better person that you can start now.

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How to hustle like a crackhead

You don’t have to smoke crack to get the crackhead hustle, work ethic, and mindset. Read on to learn how.

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My six months with blue light blocking glasses

I’ve been using blue light blocking glasses for six months now. Here’s why I still use them (and the science behind it).

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How to stay focused

Do you have trouble focusing one thing? Do you easily get distracted by social media? I’ll teach you how to focus better.

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11 Surprising Ways To Become A Better Writer (And Write Better)

Tired of being a starving artist? Discover 11 simple ways on how to become a better writer and develop the writing skills you’ve always dreamed of.

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My honest Gorilla Mind Rush review

A comprehensive review of Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mind Rush nootropic stack: what I think of it, how I use it, and how it compares to other products.

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What separates professionals from amateurs

Do you want to the best or just have a hobby? If you want to learn how to be a professional, this article shows you how to stop being an amateur.

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11 Ways top performers get motivated

Procrastination is a big enemy of accomplishing your big goals. Learn how to become motivated enough to defeat it.

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How to wake up earlier

This article will teach you the secret of how to wake up earlier. It doesn’t matter why you want to be an early riser. The only thing that matters is that you have a powerful reason for beating the sun up.

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Books I’d recommend to any friend

A curated list of the most influential, memorable, and instructive books that I have read over my entire life.

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Quick tips on concentration

My views on concentration and what I do to increase my ability to focus deeply for long amounts of time.

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