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How to make new friends

Learn how to make friends and become a person people want to befriend

Your relationships with other people are the most important thing in your life.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how many things you accomplish if you don’t have any good friends to share your life with. If you doubt that, imagine hitting all of your goals and accomplishments. Then imagine that you have no friends to celebrate with, no family members to call, and no one who really cares—and the likes you get on social media don’t count.

That emptiness you felt is the importance of friendship. You don’t even need a large social circle, but it needs to exist. It doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert, introvert, or somewhere in between. You still need at least a few close friends to share your life with.

Social media friends and co-workers don’t count—at least not initially. You have to transition those digital acquaintances and work buddies into new friendships. The following articles outline some useful methods for making new friends, no matter what you are or what you’re doing.

How to make friends

Hobbies to make new friends: This article breaks down the best hobbies to find potential new friends based on developing and then finding people with similar interests. Even if you were isolated because of the pandemic, these are great tips to help you meet others now that the world has opened back up.

How to make friends as an adult: Making friends as an adult is hard because we’re out of the artificial environment of high school or college. Your social circle mainly now only consists of coworkers and people to drink with. Drawing on things that you know how to lead or things that you have an interest in learning, this article will teach you some cool ways to build new relationships.

How to make friends in a new city: Making friends in a new city is one of the most difficult things to do. A lot of people imagine that it’s easy, but stepping out of your comfort zone and exerting so much energy on something you never had to think about is difficult. This post teaches you tactics and strategies for making friends in a new city and how to handle the social anxiety and mental health strain that this endeavor can cause.

Why you don’t have any friends: This post explores why, despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to make any friends. Then you learn how to make lasting friendships, not just drinking buddies or people on social media.

How to improve social skills

How to be the most interesting man in the room:Interesting people have an advantage when it comes to making friends. More people want to be around them so they’re rarely without an invite to meet up, which gives them an opportunity to make new friends. This article shows you how to become a more interesting person and give off that cool mysterious vibe.

How to start and have a conversation: If you master conversation starters, small talk, being a good listener, and body language, it will be a lot easier for you to communicate. The easier it is for you to communicate, the easier it will be for you to make new friends. Even if you don’t have any common interests with the person you’re trying to befriend, they will feel like you do because of how great your conversational ability will become after reading this post.

How to be more charismatic: Someone once told me that charm makes people like you, but charisma makes people want you to like them. This is a subtle but significant difference. Being charismatic is a cheat code for socializing. People will always pursue you to get together. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Your social life will be more than fulfilling.

How to be more likable: This post should be required reading for everyone, regardless of their social life. It’s a lot easier to meet people when you’re likable. At the, very least old friends are more likely to stay in touch and new friends are more likely to follow up. There is no disadvantage to being likable.

How to socialize and have fun sober: In this day and age, it seems like no one knows how to have fun or meet people without alcohol. Well, since I’ve been sober since 2013, my social skills have only improved. This post teaches you how to be social and have a great time in life, without spending all day getting drunk and rooting for your favorite sports team with a bunch of strangers.

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