The voice you hear the most is your own. If this voice is not controlled, you’re letting your morale be a product of your environment. This prevents you from making your environment a product of your actions. This means that you can’t shape your world the way you want to.

Understand this: your body will quit a thousand times before your mind does, but that’s only if the voice inside your head tells it to keep going. If the voice inside your head is silent or not confident, you’ll falter when you need to stand strong. Life will knock you down and keep you down.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you might think it’s impossible for your inner voice to motivate you. I won’t disagree with you. It’s hard but it’s also necessary. It’s necessary because this world wants nothing more than to knock you down and keep you in your place.

Even if that’s not true, believe it because it makes you go after the things you want as if it’s a life or death battle. Treat all your desires like that, and the voice you speak to yourself with is your battle song maiden.

Before the modern battlefield, the song maiden would sing mesmerizing songs to motivate and drive the troops forward. If you don’t like the song your battle maiden is singing, then you fire her.

The battlefield is life and the condition for victory is everything that you want. The stakes are too high to go into this battle with anything less than a massive greatest advantage.

The good news is that you can pick whoever you want your battle maiden to be. It’s your mind and your voice. You have the power to imagine being driven by whoever you want.

In this way, you don’t have to rely on the inner voice you’ve been listening to. You don’t have to worry about how to get it to sing a song that’s going to make you fight through the worst that life has to offer.

You can channel whoever you want to. You can hear the voice of a great general, athlete, or spiritual leader. You can channel the spirit of a person you idolize but have never met or a person that has been dead for centuries. It’s your mind. It’s your imagination. It’s your battle maiden.

Don’t worry about the weaknesses of your new battle maiden. Only focus on the strengths you wish for the battle maiden to bestow on you. Now, whenever you face a problem you will ask yourself, “What would [insert role model here] do?”

One voice, regardless of how effective it is, will likely be insufficient. You wouldn’t channel the voice of Machiavelli for building trust any more than you would channel the voice of Jesus to psych you up before a fight.

You can have as many voices as you need, whenever you need them . Neither time nor space are limited in this realm. The only limit is your belief in the voice you choose to channel to push you to greatness.

Telling yourself that you can do it if you’ve never done it or anything similar to it can be daunting. Instead, draw your inspiration from someone else. Imagine that you have the qualities of that person. You will not only hold yourself to their standard, but you also gain access to their voice.

Every great person had an internal voice. They developed it their own way. In their moments of doubt, they drew their inspiration from someone or something. You are doing nothing different than what the greats have done. In this way, you become great yourself.

Maybe it’s impossible to change how you speak to yourself. Cursing your weaknesses and coming down hard on yourself when you make mistakes may just be a part of who you are. The hard way is to try and change who you are. It’s a lot easier to change what influences you.

Your imagination is more powerful than you know. You get trapped in limiting beliefs that you think are based on reason. Maybe you did suck. Maybe you suck now. However, at any moment you can imagine a better voice that speaks to you in a way totally different than any way you’re capable of.

Don’t argue with it. Don’t fight it. Just let yourself be inspired by whoever you want to be. Lean on them. Lean on their voice. Eventually, their inspiration and your internal voice will be indistinguishable.

Your internal voice becomes that of someone great. Your reality will match the reality of your words in no time.