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how to stop watching porn

BlockerX review (2022)

BlockerX bills itself as the “#1 self-control app,” but does it live it up to its own claims? Here’s my review.

Ed Latimore
Ed Latimore
Writer, retired boxer, self-improvement enthusiast

The verdict is in. Covenant Eyes is a MUCH better option. I strongly recommend you go with them. Still, I’m leaving this review up because I did try the service. 

Let’s be honest; online porn is everywhere. Even when you’re not searching for it, there’s a decent chance you’ll find an explicit image or video pop up while browsing Twitter, Reddit, or a message board. A considerable chunk of the internet is devoted to porn and porn sites, and it’s no surprise that viewership among adults and minors is rising.

The easy access to porn has enabled a generation of men to become porn addicts, making treatment challenging. Although it’s becoming increasingly evident that porn addiction can interfere with your life and ruin relationships, the social stigma of admitting addiction can make it difficult to speak out or seek treatment.

Thankfully, other options exist to help guys break one of the most isolating and under-discussed addictions. One of the best options is using a porn blocker that keeps you from accessing porn in the first place, and offers accountability to keep you on track. I’ve written a lot about these in the past.

One tool that offers both of these features is BlockerX, and it’s been marketing itself heavily in the last year by running sponsored videos on major self-improvement YouTube channels.

What is BlockerX?

BlockerX is a VPN-based porn-blocking and accountability software that lets you browse the web safely and without distractions by blocking ads, porn sites, gambling sites, social media, and even video games. It also offers a safe search feature by blocking a long list of adult keywords from appearing in search results.

BlockerX is compatible with iOS and Android via its app and also offers a Chrome browser extension that works across all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The Chrome extension starts working immediately by letting you know your webpage is filtered while attempting to access the websites containing this content.

BlockerX features

BlockerX offers a suite of free features to help you get started right away, including:

  • Porn blocker: BlockerX has a database of over 2 million different adult websites on its block list and is constantly being updated to include new restricted content and apps.
  • Accountability partner: You can designate an accountability partner by sending them an access code that prevents you from uninstalling the app without it.
  • Community: The app offers free access to a community of people who share a common goal of breaking free from addiction. In theory, community support can help you stay motivated and encourage others to join in on your journey to becoming porn-free. However, as of 2022, BlockerX’s community hasn’t been active in over a year.
  • Incognito mode: You can also enable the BockerX Chrome extension to work while browsing in Incognito Mode to prevent workarounds.

It doesn’t stop there, though. If you decide to upgrade to a premium subscription, BlockerX also gives you access to these premium features:

  • Panic switch: Gives you the option to completely disable your internet connection for a set amount of time that you can adjust to help you resist those powerful urges to browse porn.
  • Uninstall notification: Uninstalling the app will immediately notify your accountability partner so that they can reach out to you before you relapse.
  • VPN notification (for iOS): Since the iOS app requires VPN access, turning off your VPN will notify your accountability partner immediately.
  • Daily report: Your accountability partner will receive daily reports of your browsing activity to ensure that you stick to your goals.
  • URL & keyword blocker: Unfortunately, most porn-blocking software will inevitably overlook a few websites or social media posts that host adult content. To combat this shortcoming, BlockerX lets you copy and paste URLs and keywords on its platform to block them from future searches.
  • Support up to 3 devices: One account gives you cross-platform access for up to three devices. Installing the software on your phone, personal computer, and work computer or tablet ensures that there’s no easy workaround to accessing adult content.
  • Access to exclusive courses: The app offers a short animated video course filled with tips and information on how to break porn addiction.


Here are the things I like about BlockerX:

  • No subscription is needed to start blocking porn sites
  • Compatible with most devices and platforms
  • Blocks porn even while browsing in Incognito Mode
  • Lets you block specific websites with the URL & keyword feature


  • The app experience doesn’t feel very robust and suffers from a lot of bugs
  • No AI-powered filtering technology, relies on wholly on block lists
  • Not run by a US- or EU-based company, which makes me concerned about privacy
  • The blocker sometimes blocks websites and apps unrelated to porn
  • Limited use of accountability partner feature compared to other apps

For the most part, the app works as advertised. But compared to competitors like Canopy, or my favorite, Covenant Eyes, it offers a poor user experience and lacks a lot of important features.

For example, Canopy intelligently detects blocks explicit images and videos in real-time. Covenant Eyes has AI features and makes heavy use of the principle of accountability to help you break the chains of porn addiction and make sure you stick to your goals. BlockerX has none of these features, even when you pay for the premium version.

Final thoughts

Overall, I’ve found Covenant Eyes to be a far superior product due to its accountability reports, AI-driven monitoring technology, and helpful companion courses. Read my comprehensive review on it by clicking the link above, or check out their website by clicking the link below.

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Ed Latimore

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