Addiction & Sobriety

Overcome addiction, live a sober life, and replace negative habits with positive ones

Getting sober and porn free was the biggest change I made in my life. Here are lessons I learned and tactics I used to overcome these vices.

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How to have fun and socialize sober

People build their entire social lives around drinking. It’s no surprise that most people don’t know how to socialize alcohol-free and have fun sober. Here’s how to do just that.

Ed Latimore Quotes About Sobriety

This is a collection of quotes and observations I’ve made since getting sober at the end of 2013. I hope these help someone struggling with their addiction as well.

How to stop drinking: 15 steps to recovery

In my experience, these are the 3 things that you need to guarantee that you get sober.

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The alcohol detox diet I used to get sober

Understanding the link between sobriety and healthy eating is key to a successful recovery. Learn the details of the Alcohol Detox Diet to help you quit drinking.

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6 signs you’re definitely addicted to porn

Maybe you’re wondering if you’re addicted to porn. I’ve compiled a list of the most common and obvious signs that you have a problem with porn.

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From gaming addict to $60k/month

If you don’t have a sense of purpose outside of videos games, it’s easy to get addicted to playing them. Once I realized this, I started looking elsewhere for guidance.

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By calling it a disease or blaming an “addictive personality”, society takes the easy way out. I refused to take the easy way out. I analyzed my behaviors and considered my motivations for making a binge and blackout drinking the standard for consumption.

Sober Letters To My Drunken Self


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How to quit drinking: 8 things to know

You’ve heard that quitting drinking and getting sober can change your life. In this post, learn what happens when you stop drinking.

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What I learned living next to crackheads

I grew up in the projects and learned a lot about crackheads and crack dealers. Here are some little known facts about them.

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10 observations from 2 years of not drinking

When you stop drinking, you start thinking. Here are 10 observations I’ve made from 2 years of sobriety.

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5 easy ways to finally quit porn

This is the plan I used to stop my porn addiction. This is a real, battle tested, science backed, reality based plan to stop your porn addiction.

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How to know if you have a drinking problem

You might be wondering if you have a drinking problem. Above all things, there is one sure sign that you have a drinking problem.

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