If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re sitting at a computer. If you’re sitting at a computer, then you probably AREN’T in the ghetto. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re safe. You may be forced to encounter different aspects of the ghetto.  

I spent the first years of my life in the ghetto. I’ve seen people get robbed, beaten and killed. I’ve been robbed, beaten and nearly killed. I’ve lived next to crack dealers, had crackheads in my house and witnessed the worst humanity has to offer.

But I survived and flourished. I learned a lot from my time in the hood. Now you have a chance to learn about the hood, first hand, without ever stepping foot in the concrete jungle.

The world is now incredibly connected. First you only dealt with the ghetto on the nightly news or B.E.T. Or if you were really unlucky, the mall or movie theater you went to as on a public bus line. But now you can run into ghetto elements any place at any time.

In fact, you may have already been a victim of something related to to the Ghetto or “da hood.” Have you ever:

  • Crossed the street because two thugs are walking opposite to you??
  • Heard someone talking loudly in the movies and when you asked them to stop, they shot you?
  • Been witness to a dice game that was not played in a casino, but it fact took place on the side of a building?
  • Made a wrong turn on your way to the airport and ended up being hustled into buying crack?


If any of the above has ever happened to you, it may have been scary. You survived the incident, but what if it happens again? Will you be ready to deal with the ghetto in all of its ignorance? This guide can help.

In each section, I give you the low-down on different aspects of hood-life. When everyone else talks about the ghetto, they’re outsiders looking in. My insider perspective breaks down things like:

  • The phrase “I wish a nigga would”. This one phrase has led to more violence in the ghetto than the color blue. Learn more about its  origins and variations.

  • The Lifestyles of the Broke and Aimless. There are some key difference between niggas, black people, and white people. How we spend money and keep money is the biggest one. You can already see where this one is going.
  • How to handle an encounter in the movie theater with loud ass niggas. If you do this wrong, you might get shot. Hell, if you do it right you might still catch a bullet.
  • And other pieces of information key to your survival in the hood.

But no guide to surviving the ghetto would be complete without discussing crackheads. Fortunately, when you get the “Not So Friendly Guide to All Things Ghetto” you also get the authority text on crack addicts and all of its subspecies. 

“How to Catch and Kill a Crackhead: The Definitive Guide”

There is a scourge in the night. It attacks without regard to sex, race, religion or national origin. No one is immune to becoming a victim of this predator of the shadows. No one is safe from crackheads.

How to Catch and Kill a Crackhead

The ultimate source of knowledge on Junkius Maximus, a.k.a. 'the Crackhead', for only $9.97. It's cheaper than burying one of your homies.

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After reading this guide you will be prepared to deal with this destructive force of nature. I’m going to arm you with an ancient collection of knowledge that will give you the power to deal with crackheads.

This guide is so powerful that I originally published it under the pen name Tyrone Von Jenkins. Now I republish it as Ed Latimore, for all crackheads to know who I am. I am ready for them, as you will be as well after reading this guide. 

In this guide you will learn:

  • About all the powers crackheads possess. To fight the beast, you must know what you are up against. Crackheads are known for their super-speed, but there is more to this foul beast that you must know.
  • The best weapons for fighting crackheads. The enemy has powers but we have weapons to deal with them. Learn what weapons you need so that you vanquish this unsober beast if it crosses your path.
  • Where crackheads live.  I walked in the valley of the shadow of a crackhouse and lived to tell about it. Read my first-hand encounter with the crackhead in its domain.

  • And many other important things for dealing with the sprawl of crackheads out of the ghetto.