Why You Should Cut Back Your Drinking

This is my 3rd consecutive Halloween not drinking. In honor of that, I’m gonna drop some advice on those of you aspiring to be the best version of yourself you can be. If you want to be great at something in your life, then you have to make sacrifices.

If you want a body that people fantasize about, you’re gonna have to bust ass in the gym. If you want to be great at meeting girls and socializing, you’re gonna have to become interesting and skilled in conversation. If you want a lot of money you’ll have to work harder,longer and smarter at your craft that everyone else. It’s hard as hell to do any of this if you spend most of your nights drinking.

I’m not built this way from knocking out 40s

Right now I’m stone cold sober. I haven’t had a drink in almost 2 consecutive years (it’ll be 2 years on December 23rd). It would be closer to 3, but I got smashed the day I came back from military training. I immediately regretted it and got back on the wagon. I’ll stay there until I reach some milestones in my life. I feel like I wasted my 20’s so in true rubberband effect fashion, I’ve given the bottle a rest until then.

My results in the gym are better. I’m a professional athlete. I box. In boxing, you can’t give anything less than your best. If you do then there’s a very real possibility it could be your last day on earth. If I was drinking I wouldn’t get nearly as much from my workouts as I do. I couldn’t push myself and my recovery time would be shitty because alcohol makes it harder to get R.E.M. sleep.

Moving on up in the rankings!

I’m in school for physics. I need time and energy to learn the material and really understand the mysteries that drive our universe. If I was boozing many nights a week, I’d lose time I’d need for homework and studying. Plus my memory would be shot.

This is actually me in a drug house cooking up a brick of coke. Ignore the university setting. It’s really a drug house.

I’m in a wonderful relationship, but I know if I was out drinking every night then it’d make it hard to not chase random tail and make big problems for myself.

If you aren’t pushing yourself physically, mentally or emotionally, then by all means live like the average person and drink 4-7 nights a week. But if you want to do extraordinary things, you need to take extraordinary measures. Cutting back the booze to even one or two light nights a week can make a huge difference. Especially when you consider how much productivity is lost to hangovers.

This guy probably isn’t gonna make it to the gym. Or class. Or to some pussy

Alcohol also kills your testosterone levels. If you’re a man, that’s all you should need to read to force you cut back dramatically. If you don’t care about keeping your T levels up, there ain’t much hope for you anyway.

Work hard and reach your goals. Celebrate with a drink. Avoid hangovers. Don’t drink like the masses or you’ll become like them.

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