Weakness Into Strength

All men are not created equal. This is hard to swallow for some people, but it is the truth. The good news is that we are fortunate enough to live in a world where a person is capable of changing their original position in life. This can be for better or worse. For every person that makes a great life from impoverishment, there is a fool that trades the silver spoon for destitution and degeneracy. No matter where you start in life, you have the ability to finish anywhere you like IF you do what it takes to get there.

There are many arenas in life where one can rise above or sink below his current situation in life, specific advice for each area can continue ad infinitum. Instead, I offer you this one idea to put into practice to get what you more out of life: use your weaknesses to your advantage.

There is an old quote that’s a favorite of mine: “Your weaknesses are only your weaknesses until you use them as your strengths.” This thinking gives you a much better chance at overcoming obstacles. I know many of you reading are looking at that and going, “Man, that’s sounds awesome but how hell do I actually do it?” You do it by setting the terms of engagement. You make the fight happen the way you want it to happen, based on what plays to your strengths.

Let’s look at a guy that wants to do what any warm blooded man wants to do: Get a hot chick, make a lot of money, and achieve some level of fame. It’s a generic list but we can assume that most dudes would be happy with these things. However, he’s got a few problems: First, he’s only 5’6’’ and balding, his job is a dead end with no room for improvement, and he’s not particularly good at anything–What’s he to do if he wants a better life?

He could shave his head and go after girls that under 5’3’’. Combine that with dressing well and going to the gym for a few months, and he’d probably get a pretty decent woman. At the very least, he’d improve over his prospects. If his job sucks, he could do just enough to get by while working on something he likes. Dead end jobs don’t require more than a pulse. There’s no reason to do more than enough to pay the rent if you’re working on your real goal on the side. Look at how that runs into him getting good enough to receive a little recognition. These are just ideas, but they show how someone takes their faults and uses them to their advantage. He’s shorter so he decides to monopolize short women and his shitty job gives him to pursue other avenues that a better job might allow time for. Seeing the world this way allows you to spot advantages where others see despair.

Notice that when you start a slight disadvantage, it takes work to overcome it. We took each weakness—his height and dead end job—and engaged the problem on terms unique to the situation. All situations and problems require a little elbow grease, but some need the whole damn bottle. I am much shorter than average for a heavyweight boxer so I have to set the terms of the fight to play to my strengths. I must always close the distance, strike faster and be in superb physical condition to wear down larger opponents—and that’s just the start of my strategy to push a contest in my favor. I aim to make the fight one in which my strengths dominate and my weakness are, at worst, neutral.

This is the approach one should take in life. Look at what you have, and set the tone for the type of battle you have the best chance of winning. You can let them break you because you perceive them to be better than you or you can find a way to leverage a weakness you have into a strength.

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