Review of Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Bible For Men

I’m a big fan of Aaron Clarey. When he asked to post an advertisement on my website because he believes that my readers would be interested in his work, I was ecstatic.

My enthusiasm stems from the fact that I’ve read almost all of his books. Not only do I agree with his message, but he presents it in an entertaining, page turning manner. You WANT to get closer to the truth.

He didn’t ask me to write a review to accompany the ad, but I wanted to because Clarey is one of the good guys. I don’t mean that in some beta way. Rather, he’s one of the guys that sees the plight of young men today and offers advice and solutions.

He’s even gone out of his way to write a book called “The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty”. I’m a black man and I read the book. It’s a masterpiece of no-nonsense love designed to help black men rise up and beat the bullshit. The bottom line is that Clarey wants the best for men of all races and hopes they embrace the truth of society.

And what is the truth? In “Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Bible for Men”, Clarey gives young men (though older guys can get something from the book as well) the financial advice their parents and society likely never gave them.

If you’ve been turned off to books about personal finance because of their generic (don’t spend more than you make and trash credit cards) advice, then Clarey’s work will be a breath of fresh air.

The best part of Bachelor Pad Economics is that Clarey immediately begins advising you as if you are a young man. The tone is very “older brother giving tough love advice you need to hear”. He details the problems men face if they want to develop financial stability.

This is because knowledge of the societal forces working against you is important if you want a chance to survive. Clarey makes it clear that the older generations now have incentives to make sure you don’t become the best version of yourself. Many of us were taught to trust our elders but they are not qualified to navigate you in this new world.

Clarey doesn’t waste your time hashing out tired budgeting advice. Instead, he gets you to consider the 3 fundamental laws of humanity. Understanding these 3 fundamental laws of humanity and how they play a role in your life will enable you to make sound financial decisions regardless of the resources at your disposal.

While this is largely a matter of “easier said than done”, Clarey recognizes their value and relates them to your financial health. If everyone followed these 3 rules of humanity, not only would people have more money but they’d be happier as well.

The last significant point of the book I want to touch is the role of education and people. As the old saying goes, “Well begun is half done” and this is the basic advice that Clarey gives on education.

Pick a STEM major or pick trade. Anything else will doom you to a life of just scraping by or outright servitude. He goes into greater depth on this in his book “Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major”.

As for dealing with friends and girls, he warns young men about the dangers of selecting the wrong girls or wrong friends. Reading this section made me think about all the bullets I’d dodged and made me fortunate to have made it to age 31 with no arrest record.

The book has specific advice for other important areas of your life such as maintenance, picking where to live and retirement planning. However, the most powerful information is in what he gives to you about selecting the right mindset, people, and education path. If you follow Clarey’s advice on these matters, you won’t end up 40 and broke.

Pick up a copy of “Bachelor Pad Economics” here.

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