My name is Ed Latimore. I'm a writer, physicist, and a professional heavyweight boxer from the steel city.

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How to Wake up Earlier

This article isn’t long. The secret to waking up earlier is surprisingly simple. It’s also obvious. Once you learn it, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t figured it out earlier. Or maybe you knew it all along and were hoping for it to be complicated so there would be a convenient excuse if you hit the snooze button. You don’t even need any special equipment or supplements.

It doesn’t matter why you want to learn how to wake up earlier. All that matters is that have a strong reason. If your why is strong enough, then you’ll figure out a how. There is no great magic to becoming an early riser. There is just great will power. The one secret to waking up earlier is will power.

Motivational Monday

Last week was a rough week. It took all of your energy. You don’t want the weekend to end because you’re still recovering last week's beating. It’s fine to take time for recovery but you have to keep moving. However slowly you go, you must continue forward.

When life is kicking your ass, you gotta fight back. It doesn’t matter if you’re victorious or you take the L. This is because movement is opportunity. This is because movement is energy. If you stop moving then you stop generating both of these and then you are nothing.

Not Caring What Anyone Thinks Is Damn Near a Super Power

You're only as powerful as your darkest secret. However, you must remember that the power shame has over you is only in your imagination. It's not a gun to your head. It's not your family being held hostage. The only potential victim is your pride. 

Pride is how the ego holds itself together. Often your ego is a good thing. It is how you define yourself and it gives you the mental fortitude to resist the influences of the world. This is also the ego's greatest weakness. Anything that contradicts the image it hold's for itself is deemed a threat.


Loyalty is noble, but if you aren't willing to discard an inferior ally then he is effectively your enemy. The friend you'd die for becomes your opponent when he, by definition, will not do what is in his best interest.

Loyalty requires you to abandon your own survival mechanism. You have to be willing to go down with the ship you pledged your allegiance to–even if it's got a shitty captain and was in desperate need of repairs before it ever left the port.

Some Simple Rules For A New Year's Resolution

The New Year is approaching which means people will decide that January 1st is the day to make an important change in their lifestyle. Some people make fun of those who make New Year’s Resolutions. The thinking behind the mockery is that if it was actually important, why wait until some arbitrary day to do it.

I get where the criticism is coming from. After all, I could have just as easily drank the holidays away 3 years ago before I decided to give up booze. Instead, I put down the bottle on December 23rd. It was so important to me that that waiting one more week didn’t make sense.