2 Reasons You Can't Stick To One Thing

To get things done and to improve, it is important to focus on getting one thing done at a time. Multitasking is for losers. What follows is a response is a short response I gave to someone on Facebook who asked why they can’t ever master one thing. It doesn’t go very in depth, but it does provide some key gems of insight.

This will be a little longer than my standard post because I am getting into the habit of using Facebook as a springboard for blog posts.

People choose to become a “jack of all trades” for many reasons. This is unfortunate, because there is far more money and opportunity to be found in the dedicated pursuit and mastery of one or two activities (mastery being defined as better than 90% of people in that area). The rationale for taking this deceivingly ‘diverse’ path is generally a combination of boredom and fear.

It is a grievous truth that some people are genuinely boring. We may pity these individuals for being born this way, but, at the heart of the issue lies the fact that the cause of this boredom is simply a lack of curiosity about the real world. Individuals plagued by this mindset find themselves unsatisfied with any endeavor that they pursue, falling deeper and deeper into a chasm of failure and abandoned motivation. It disappoints me to watch these people, incapable of mastery, simply because of their short-fused curiosity. You know the type–never reading because they are not intrigued by the thoughts of others on paper, but remaining captivated by the latest reality show on Netflix.

The second reason for people not pursuing mastery is fear. The modern person has a fragile ego. At the slightest set back or mistake, they crumble, and decide that they would rather quit than suffer the INEVITABLE pain of the mistakes that come with learning. I used to think this was an issue of arrogance and lack of humility in people. I still do, but the difference is that I realize those are symptoms, not causes.

The real cause is fear of pain and embarrassment.

The solution to both of these problems is the same: self discipline and will power. First, you need to force yourself to be to different, and second, you need to sustain such change. I dont know which problem afflicts you, but rest assured it is one or both. Just remember: the journey of a thousand miles ends no matter how slow and painful throughout, but the reason you started is to reach the finish line.

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